GraphicView Class Reference

The GraphicView class provides a widget for displaying the contents of every graphic item.

#include <graphic_view.h>

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Public Types

 Invalid = 0
enum  ToolBtn {
  Invalid = 0, Arrow, Move, Zoom,
  Text, Image, Line, Polygon,
  Rectangle, Ellipse

Public Slots

void addGraphic (QGraphicsItem *)
void setSize (const QSize &)
void addScene (const QString &title=tr("untitled scene"), double time=0)
void deleteScene ()
void renameScene ()
void setSceneTime ()
void paintNextScene ()
void paint ()
void setTool (QAction *)
void zoomIn ()
void zoomOut ()
void clear ()
void save ()
void saveAs ()
void load ()
void selectScene (int)
void updateScene (const QList< QRectF > &)
void remove ()
void copy ()
void cut ()
void paste ()


void updateSceneTime (double)
void updateProperty (ModuleInterface *)
void fileStatusChanged (const QString &)
void sendPasteStatus (bool)
void sendEditStatus (bool)

Public Member Functions

 GraphicView (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~GraphicView ()
QTabBar * sceneBar ()

Protected Member Functions

void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *)
void dragMoveEvent (QDragMoveEvent *)
void dropEvent (QDropEvent *)
void drawBackground (QPainter *, const QRectF &)

Private Attributes

QMenu m_editMenu
QTabBar m_sceneBar
QString m_filename
QList< GraphicScene * > m_scenes
int m_paintSceneIndex
int m_toolBtn
QGraphicsItem * m_tmpGraphic
QList< QGraphicsItem * > m_pasteContainer
LCDPaintDevice m_lcdDev

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum GraphicView::ToolBtn


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GraphicView::GraphicView ( QWidget *  parent = 0  ) 

GraphicView::~GraphicView (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void GraphicView::addGraphic ( QGraphicsItem *  item  )  [slot]

add a graphic item to the current scene

item is the element that will be added

void GraphicView::addScene ( const QString &  title = tr("untitled scene"),
double  time = 0 
) [slot]

add a new scene

title is the title of the scene; displayed on the scene bar

void GraphicView::clear (  )  [slot]

clears *all* scenes with his contents

void GraphicView::copy (  )  [slot]

copy and stores all currently selected items on the scene

void GraphicView::cut (  )  [slot]

cut all currently selected items on the scene

See also:
copy and remove

void GraphicView::deleteScene (  )  [slot]

delete the current scene that is selected via the scene bar

void GraphicView::dragMoveEvent ( QDragMoveEvent *  event  )  [protected]

checks if a drag object have the correct mime data

void GraphicView::drawBackground ( QPainter *  painter,
const QRectF &  rect 
) [protected]

draws the background of the scene and the graphic view

void GraphicView::dropEvent ( QDropEvent *  event  )  [protected]

loads and adds the dropped plugin into the current scene

void GraphicView::fileStatusChanged ( const QString &   )  [signal]

emits every time when a file was loaded or saved

void GraphicView::load (  )  [slot]

load a project xml file into the program

void GraphicView::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent *  mouseEvent  )  [protected]

updates the position while creating a line, rectangle or ellipse

void GraphicView::mousePressEvent ( QMouseEvent *  mouseEvent  )  [protected]

creates a graphic item that depends on which tool button was pressed

void GraphicView::paint (  )  [slot]

paint all graphic items on the scene that is selected by paintNextScene(). Invoked also by TimerThread::updateItem() to update every graphic item PluginInterface::timer() method.

See also:
LCDPaintDevice, paintNextScene and TimerThread

void GraphicView::paintNextScene (  )  [slot]

paint the next scene updated invoked by TimerThread::updateScene()

See also:

void GraphicView::paste (  )  [slot]

paste all stored items on the scene

void GraphicView::remove (  )  [slot]

removes all currently selected items on the scene

void GraphicView::renameScene (  )  [slot]

rename with a popup input dialog the current scene that is selected via the scene bar

void GraphicView::save (  )  [slot]

save all scenes and additional information of this project to a xml file

See also:

void GraphicView::saveAs (  )  [slot]

popup a file dialog where the user can choices the save location of the project xml file

See also:

QTabBar * GraphicView::sceneBar (  ) 

void GraphicView::selectScene ( int  nr  )  [slot]

set a scene via the scene bar

nr is the scene that will be selected

void GraphicView::sendEditStatus ( bool   )  [signal]

void GraphicView::sendPasteStatus ( bool   )  [signal]

void GraphicView::setSceneTime (  )  [slot]

change scene time to the next scene in minutes

void GraphicView::setSize ( const QSize &  size  )  [slot]

set the scene size for each available scene

size is the new size of the scene

void GraphicView::setTool ( QAction *  toolBtn  )  [slot]

set the selected tool button

toolBtn is the selected button

void GraphicView::updateProperty ( ModuleInterface  )  [signal]

emits every time if a item was changed

void GraphicView::updateScene ( const QList< QRectF > &  rects  )  [slot]

overloaded scene event to clear the device and update visual property information

rects is a list of areas that are modified therefore they have to be updated
See also:
PropertyModel::createPropertySheet() and ControllerInterface::clear()

void GraphicView::updateSceneTime ( double   )  [signal]

emits every time when the paint scene was changed

void GraphicView::zoomIn (  )  [slot]

void GraphicView::zoomOut (  )  [slot]

Member Data Documentation

QMenu GraphicView::m_editMenu [private]

QString GraphicView::m_filename [private]

filename of the current xml file

LCDPaintDevice GraphicView::m_lcdDev [private]

give access to a lcd device for painting the scene content

int GraphicView::m_paintSceneIndex [private]

current paint scene index that will be paint on the device

QList<QGraphicsItem *> GraphicView::m_pasteContainer [private]

stores temporary slected items for cut, copy and paste actions

QTabBar GraphicView::m_sceneBar [private]

with a scene bar you can add, remove or rename a scene

QList<GraphicScene*> GraphicView::m_scenes [private]

contains all created scenes

QGraphicsItem* GraphicView::m_tmpGraphic [private]

int GraphicView::m_toolBtn [private]

stores the tool button id that is currently selected

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