GraphicItem Class Reference

#include <graphic_items.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GraphicItem ()
bool init ()
void setRotate (qreal)
void setScale (qreal)
void setShear (qreal)
QMenu * contextMenu ()
qreal rotate ()
qreal scale ()
qreal shear ()

Protected Member Functions

void drawDecoration (QPainter *, const QRectF &, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *)
QRectF calcBoundingRect (const QRectF &) const
void mousePressEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *)
void mouseReleaseEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *)
void mouseMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *)
void hoverMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent *)


QPointF pos []
qreal zvalue []
qreal rotate []
qreal scale []
qreal shear []

Private Types

enum  Segment {
  NoSegment, TopLeftSegment, TopRightSegment, BottomLeftSegment,
  BottomRightSegment, NumSegments

Private Slots

void updateTimeline (qreal)
void forwards ()
void front ()
void backwards ()
void back ()

Private Member Functions

QRectF rectForSegment (Segment) const
bool isPointInSegment (const QPointF &, Segment)

Private Attributes

QMenu m_contextMenu
const QSizeF segmentSize
QRectF m_boundingRect
bool m_grabbed
qreal m_opacity
qreal m_rotation
qreal m_newRotation
qreal m_scale
qreal m_newScale
qreal m_shear
QTimeLine m_timeline

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum GraphicItem::Segment [private]


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GraphicItem::GraphicItem (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void GraphicItem::back (  )  [private, slot]

void GraphicItem::backwards (  )  [private, slot]

QRectF GraphicItem::calcBoundingRect ( const QRectF &   )  const [protected]

QMenu* GraphicItem::contextMenu (  )  [inline]

void GraphicItem::drawDecoration ( QPainter *  ,
const QRectF &  ,
const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *   
) [protected]

void GraphicItem::forwards (  )  [private, slot]

void GraphicItem::front (  )  [private, slot]

void GraphicItem::hoverMoveEvent ( QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent *   )  [protected]

bool GraphicItem::init (  )  [virtual]

Implements PluginInterface.

Reimplemented in GraphicStandardItem, GraphicLine, GraphicRectangle, GraphicEllipse, GraphicPolygon, GraphicPixmap, GraphicText, AmarokTrack, AmarokStatus, AmarokCover, AmarokLyric, LMSensors, AbstractSysInfo, MemoryInfo, CPUInfo, HDDInfo, TimeInfo, DateInfo, and NetworkInfo.

bool GraphicItem::isPointInSegment ( const QPointF &  ,
) [private]

void GraphicItem::mouseMoveEvent ( QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *   )  [protected]

void GraphicItem::mousePressEvent ( QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *   )  [protected]

void GraphicItem::mouseReleaseEvent ( QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *   )  [protected]

QRectF GraphicItem::rectForSegment ( Segment   )  const [private]

qreal GraphicItem::rotate (  )  [inline]

qreal GraphicItem::scale (  )  [inline]

void GraphicItem::setRotate ( qreal   ) 

void GraphicItem::setScale ( qreal   ) 

void GraphicItem::setShear ( qreal   ) 

qreal GraphicItem::shear (  )  [inline]

void GraphicItem::updateTimeline ( qreal   )  [private, slot]

Member Data Documentation

QRectF GraphicItem::m_boundingRect [private]

QMenu GraphicItem::m_contextMenu [private]

bool GraphicItem::m_grabbed [private]

qreal GraphicItem::m_newRotation [private]

qreal GraphicItem::m_newScale [private]

qreal GraphicItem::m_opacity [private]

qreal GraphicItem::m_rotation [private]

qreal GraphicItem::m_scale [private]

qreal GraphicItem::m_shear [private]

QTimeLine GraphicItem::m_timeline [private]

const QSizeF GraphicItem::segmentSize [private]

Property Documentation

QPointF GraphicItem::pos [read, write]

qreal GraphicItem::rotate [read, write]

qreal GraphicItem::scale [read, write]

qreal GraphicItem::shear [read, write]

qreal GraphicItem::zvalue [read, write]

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