TimerThread Class Reference

The TimerThread class provides an independent update signal.

#include <timerthread.h>

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Public Slots

void setSceneInterval (double)
void setItemInterval (double)


void updateScene ()
void updateItem ()

Public Member Functions

 TimerThread ()
void start (Priority priority=InheritPriority)
void stop ()
void kill ()

Private Member Functions

void run ()

Private Attributes

QTimer m_timerScene
QTimer m_timerItem
bool m_abort

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TimerThread::TimerThread (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void TimerThread::kill (  ) 

kills the thread

void TimerThread::run (  )  [private]

keep thread alive until kill() was send.

See also:

void TimerThread::setItemInterval ( double  s  )  [slot]

s sets the item update signal interval in seconds

void TimerThread::setSceneInterval ( double  s  )  [slot]

s sets the scene update signal interval in seconds

void TimerThread::start ( Priority  priority = InheritPriority  ) 

starts the update signal

Priority is the thread priority level

void TimerThread::stop (  ) 

stops the update signal

void TimerThread::updateItem (  )  [signal]

void TimerThread::updateScene (  )  [signal]

Member Data Documentation

bool TimerThread::m_abort [private]

QTimer TimerThread::m_timerItem [private]

QTimer TimerThread::m_timerScene [private]

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