XmlRead Class Reference

The XmlRead class loads a xml project file into the program.

#include <xmlrw.h>

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void newScene (const QString &, double)
void newPlugin (QGraphicsItem *)

Public Member Functions

 XmlRead ()
bool read (const QString &)

Private Member Functions

void readScenes ()
void readController ()
void readProperty (QDomElement *, ModuleInterface *)

Private Attributes

QDomDocument m_domDoc
QDomElement m_rootElem
PropertyModel m_model

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XmlRead::XmlRead (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void XmlRead::newPlugin ( QGraphicsItem *   )  [signal]

emits every time after a new plugin was loaded and initialized

void XmlRead::newScene ( const QString &  ,
) [signal]

emits every time before a new scene was loaded

bool XmlRead::read ( const QString &  filename  ) 

read a project xml file into the program

AccessFailureException is thrown when the program can not open the project xml file
filename is the name of the project xml file
true on success otherwise false

void XmlRead::readController (  )  [private]

reads the first detected controller into the program

void XmlRead::readProperty ( QDomElement *  parentElem,
ModuleInterface module 
) [private]

reads and updates all properties of a module

InvalidDataException is thrown when a property is not valid
parentElem is the parent xml element where the property item starts
module shall be updated

void XmlRead::readScenes (  )  [private]

reads all available scenes into the program

Member Data Documentation

QDomDocument XmlRead::m_domDoc [private]

contains the content of the project xml file

PropertyModel XmlRead::m_model [private]

QDomElement XmlRead::m_rootElem [private]

is the first xml element of the project xml file

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