XmlWrite Class Reference

The XmlWrite class writes a xml project file based on the given information.

#include <xmlrw.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XmlWrite ()
bool write (const QString &)
void addScene (const QGraphicsScene *, const QString &, double)
void addController (ControllerInterface *)

Private Member Functions

void addProperty (IProperty *, QDomElement *)

Private Attributes

QDomDocument m_domDoc
QDomElement m_rootElem
PropertyModel m_model

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XmlWrite::XmlWrite (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void XmlWrite::addController ( ControllerInterface controller  ) 

add all necessary controller information to the project xml file

controller shall be saved

void XmlWrite::addProperty ( IProperty parentProperty,
QDomElement *  rootElem 
) [private]

writes all properties of the parent property under the root xml element

parentProperty contains all properties that shall be saved under the root element
rootElem is the root xml element under which all properties are stored

void XmlWrite::addScene ( const QGraphicsScene *  scene,
const QString &  title,
double  time 

add the content of a scene to the xml project file

scene shall be saved
title of the scene
time in minutes to the next scene

bool XmlWrite::write ( const QString &  filename  ) 

writes all given information to a xml project file

that you add all necessary information before you call this method
AccessFailureException is thrown when the access to a file was denied
filename is the xml project file
true on success otherwise false
See also:
addScene() and addController()

Member Data Documentation

QDomDocument XmlWrite::m_domDoc [private]

contains the content of the project xml file

PropertyModel XmlWrite::m_model [private]

QDomElement XmlWrite::m_rootElem [private]

is the first xml element of the project xml file

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