MainWindow Class Reference

#include <main_window.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MainWindow ()
 ~MainWindow ()

Private Slots

void updateFileStatus (const QString &xmlFileName="unnamed.xml")
void execSceneMenu (const QPoint &)
void execSettings ()
void runTimer (bool)
void updateSettings ()
void trayActivate (QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason)
void closeApp ()

Private Member Functions

QAction * addToolButton (int, const QString &, const QIcon &)

Private Attributes

TimerThread m_timerThread
GraphicView m_graphicView
PropertyModel m_propertyModel
PropertyDelegate m_propertyDelegate
QTreeView * m_propertyBox
SettingWindow m_settingWindow
QSystemTrayIcon m_sysTrayIcon
QSettings m_settings
QDockWidget m_propertyTab
QDockWidget m_libraryTab
QToolBar m_mainToolBar
QToolBar m_extraToolBar
QMenu * m_editMenu
QMenu * m_sceneMenu
QActionGroup * m_toolBtnGroup
QDoubleSpinBox * m_msBox
QAction * m_startAct

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MainWindow::MainWindow (  ) 

MainWindow::~MainWindow (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

QAction * MainWindow::addToolButton ( int  ,
const QString &  ,
const QIcon &   
) [private]

void MainWindow::closeApp (  )  [private, slot]

void MainWindow::execSceneMenu ( const QPoint &   )  [private, slot]

void MainWindow::execSettings (  )  [private, slot]

void MainWindow::runTimer ( bool   )  [private, slot]

void MainWindow::trayActivate ( QSystemTrayIcon::ActivationReason   )  [private, slot]

void MainWindow::updateFileStatus ( const QString &  xmlFileName = "unnamed.xml"  )  [private, slot]

void MainWindow::updateSettings (  )  [private, slot]

Member Data Documentation

ControllerSettings* MainWindow::m_controllerSettings [private]

QMenu* MainWindow::m_editMenu [private]

QToolBar MainWindow::m_extraToolBar [private]

GeneralSettings* MainWindow::m_generalSettings [private]

GraphicView MainWindow::m_graphicView [private]

QDockWidget MainWindow::m_libraryTab [private]

QToolBar MainWindow::m_mainToolBar [private]

ModuleSettings* MainWindow::m_moduleSettings [private]

QDoubleSpinBox* MainWindow::m_msBox [private]

PluginBox* MainWindow::m_pluginBox [private]

QTreeView* MainWindow::m_propertyBox [private]

PropertyDelegate MainWindow::m_propertyDelegate [private]

PropertyModel MainWindow::m_propertyModel [private]

QDockWidget MainWindow::m_propertyTab [private]

QMenu* MainWindow::m_sceneMenu [private]

QSettings MainWindow::m_settings [private]

SettingWindow MainWindow::m_settingWindow [private]

QAction* MainWindow::m_startAct [private]

QSystemTrayIcon MainWindow::m_sysTrayIcon [private]

TimerThread MainWindow::m_timerThread [private]

QActionGroup* MainWindow::m_toolBtnGroup [private]

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